Robert M Klein, PhD, The Empress's Secret book cover

chinese beauty secret audio instructionsWhy spend hundreds of dollars on lotions and creams and thousands on surgery when you can achieve a lovelier, more youthful appearance in just a few minutes a day?

The Empress’s Secret is a sixteen-point scientific program based on traditional Chinese medicine that calls on the body’s own natural healing resources to completely rejuvenate the facial appearance. This method of light fingertip massage of certain points on the face and body results in an increase of circulation of blood and energy, or chi, to the face. This not only makes you feel better—more relaxed—it allows the lines of the face to soften while it tones the skin and supports the muscles of the face, so that you actually look younger and more vibrant. It is, in effect, an energetic facelift, right in your own fingertips.

By following this ten-to-fifteen-minute regime daily for thirty days, you will most definitely see significant improvements, based on your age. At first these changes will be small and incremental. Within one month of starting this regime, with daily practice, you will notice considerable improvement in the tone of your face and the texture of the skin. The overall effect will be one of great rejuvenation. Over time, these youthening effects will continue, as this program derives its greatest benefits from its ongoing practice.  Read More

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