Robert M. Klein PhD

chinese beauty secret audio instructionsRobert M. Klein created the Empress’s Secret program based on his over thirty years of experience as one of the nation’s first licensed acupuncturists. He developed this program initially in the late 1960s in the course of his acupuncture studies with several Chinese Taoist masters. His practice was then based in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, where many of his clients included men and women in the film industry, which places a critical importance on appearance. At that time he developed an “acupressure facelift” program for his clients based on his own translation of ancient Chinese texts describing a remarkable restorative program of facial massage used by the Chinese empresses of old.[/one_half]

Dr. Klein, who has a PhD in psychology and is a Jungian therapist as well as an acupuncturist, is the former director of the National Acupuncture Association and former vice president of both the East-West Acupuncture Society and the National Association for Veterinary Acupuncture. His work with animals was funded by a grant from the University of California at Davis, and this led Dr. Klein, along with Dr. Richard Glassberg, to develop a widely used acupuncture system for dogs, cats, and horses that is in wide use today.

In recent years Dr. Klein has worked with a number of cutting-edge scientists to develop new models in bringing energy to the body for healing and rejuvenation. He holds U.S. patents that have led to the development of nano particles that acquire transient light and convert it to wavelengths that improve energy flow and circulation in the human body.