16 point scientific system

Point 4

Located at the outside corner of your eyes. Use small outward circles; refrain from pushing against the eyes. I call this point “crow’s feet defense” because it is the area where crow’s feet first begin to emerge. Here again you may want to close your eyes. Massaging this point enhances circulation and energy to the eyes. The point is called Wai Ming, and it is helpful in treating irritated eyes.


16 point scientific system

Point 5

Located at the far ends of your eyebrows; this time make small outward circles with your forefingers. Keep your breathing rhythmic and if you become aware of any tension in your shoulders, let them drop and relax. You may want to close your eyes as you massage this point, which is beneficial for crow’s feet, as it helps to fill out the tissue under which creases develop. This point is called Sizhu Kong; it is used in the treatment of headaches.



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