chinese beauty secret user testimonialsQUESTION: Does the program have permanent benefits?
ANSWER: Yes, the benefits are permanent as long as you maintain the massage on a regular basis. After the first thirty days of daily practice, the natural energy system you are calling on will improve the tone of the skin and the very small muscles of the face to the point where you can maintain the improvement by doing the process for a minimum of three days a week. If you elect to continue to do the program daily, you will see even more improvement because in essence this is an exercise program for the face, and these muscles will respond just like the muscles and energy system in the rest of the body. Just as you cannot expect the muscle tone of your body to respond after doing an exercise for just a few times and then dropping it, so it is true of this beauty regime.

QUESTION: Can I get the maximum results in thirty days?
ANSWER: We are all different and respond in different ways to healing and exercise. So it is with this program. In general, the activation of the rebuilding process will be achieved in thirty days—some people less, some more. It really depends on your state of health at the time you begin the program. Some people may have had illnesses or conditions that would slow the process and it might take a week or so more to notice. Age can also be a factor. You be the judge: when you have achieved the results you want, then that is the time to go to the maintenance schedule of two to three times a week. You might want to do this program daily for well beyond the initial thirty-day period before going down to three days a week, it all depends on what you want to achieve. I have many clients who do it daily because of the additional benefits of relaxation and a sense of well-being—it’s basically a meditation as well as a self-improvement program.

QUESTION: If I stop doing the program, will my face return to how it was when I started?
ANSWER: If you stop completely the answer is yes, but after the initial thirty-day period if you do the practice a few days a week you can keep the cosmetic look you want and maintain a glow of health. If for some reason you have to stop once you have begun, you can pick up where you left off and not lose the benefits. Just try not to take too much time off.

QUESTION: Is it necessary to do the points in the order in which they are described?
ANSWER: This is a very good question. Initially it is important to follow the program in the correct order. It is designed to work with the natural flow of energy on the meridian energy channels of the face. If you do the points out of order, especially if this only occurs occasionally, it won’t hurt anything; but my research has shown that doing it in the correct order is most effective to the entire energy grid on the face.

QUESTION: If I have had some cosmetic work done on my face will this still work?
ANSWER: Yes. It may take a bit longer to see the improvements, as surgery interrupts the meridians in the face. But by doing the program you can restore the natural energy flow system and achieve stellar results.