“I have looked at the basis for the Empress’s Secret and am very impressed… This is an excellent way to give your face a natural lift without the dangers associated with surgery and medications.”
—Dr. Gary Richwald M.D, MPH, Expert in Preventive Medicine, Graduate course lecturer, UCLA School of Public Health and USC School of Medicine, and Medical Director California Cryobank

“I would not have believed it if I had not proven it on myself, I am blown away by the positive results.”
—M.B., Los Angeles, CA, actress

“I have spent a fortune on creams and treatments to make my skin look better. I was skeptical and tried the Empress’s Secret. All I can say is it works!”
—L. Stevens, Denver, CO, homemaker and mother of three

“My acupuncturist suggested I try this. I did and my friends think I had surgery, no kidding.”
—J.V., Hollywood, CA, actress/model

“When Dr. Klein asked me to give a testimonial I jumped at the chance. I want to spread the word to the women of the world who want to look better naturally. This works and keeps working. I am a fan.”
—A. Goldstein, New York, fashion executive.

After 30 days my skin looked amazing and the fine bothersome little wrinkles were gone. I am an executive with a major cosmetics company and I have seen it all. This is good, really good.
—Name withheld upon request

“Guys want to look good as well as women. My girlfriend, who is a bit younger than me, suggested I try this. At first I was reticent, but figured why not. Now I know why. I really do look younger. Thank you, Empress!”
—Mark S., Chicago, IL, stockbroker

“If I hadn’t tried it myself I would have called bull s— at the claims . . . but it really works. I use it almost every day.”
—K. Horninek, Camarillo, CA, designer

“I am 58 years old and my face was going downhill fast. I started the program, and after 3 weeks I saw a difference. Now, after 3 months, it is an amazing difference in the way I look and feel about myself.”
—Name withheld upon request

“A friend gave me an early copy of the Empress’s Secret. I tried it, and it wasn’t my imagination, in three weeks I saw a difference. I will do this forever.”
—K. Alter, Los Angeles, CA, actress/dog walker/environmentalist

“I found this book delivers just what it promises, a useful method for improving circulation, health and thereby skin tone and color. Using this method provides a viable alternative to surgery. It’s longer lasting, relaxing, noninvasive and cost effective. A valuable book for anyone committed to responsible self-maintenance.”
—Pat West, Madison, WI

“I discovered this program about five months ago and have practiced it nearly every day since. I have noticed great results! It provides a wonderful alternative to surgical facelifts—something plastic surgeons certainly wouldn’t like! Still, I think all women should be able to learn about the benefits of facial massaging and exercises and decide for themselves if this method is right for them. It IS right for me.”
—Patricia Nolan Stein, Burbank, California

“The technique works. Not only do you look younger (after repeated use), but your face feels rejuvenated. It does work.”
—G. Niederkorn, Boulder,CO, florist

“In this well-written and illustrated book, Robert Klein presents a 20-minute acupressure program that will make a positive difference in facial looks and health too, as acupressure points usually have more than one beneficial effect when stimulated. It’s easy to do and takes no more energy than sitting upright and stimulating various facial and upper body rejuvenated acupressure points with your fingertips for one minute each! I can testify that the facelift works just as well for men as women; I can also say that I have gifted an actress friend with this book, and within only a couple of weeks of practice she e-mailed me that people around her had begun to tell her that she was looking ten years younger!”
—Thomas Gabriel, Solvang, CA