chinese beauty secret book sampleIn ancient China, the empress was considered a living goddess.
Among the many excellent qualities such a high-born woman was to cultivate was that of beauty, as there was power and position ascribed to one who possessed beauty. The empress had many personal attendants who took care of all of her needs, one of whom would regularly practice a technique based on ancient Taoist teachings, in which certain energy points on the empress’s face were stimulated, resulting in great rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance.

Although in our modern life we don’t have the luxury of having an attendant to do our every bidding, including regular facial massage, we do have many time-saving devices that give us the luxury to be able to set aside the approximately ten to fifteen minutes a day it takes to do this program. This is precisely the same beauty technique that was in use in the Chinese royal court for thousands of years, as this program of regular self-care has been translated from the original Chinese texts. Anyone, of any age or gender, can use this program to successfully achieve a more youthful, natural appearance.

Does this program really work? Yes. All you have to do is try it for a reasonable period of time to see for yourself that it does indeed work, no matter what age you are when you introduce it into your personal-care regime. Comparing those who have had “face work” done to those who have taken this natural, noninvasive approach, the latter group—those doing the Empress’s Secret program—look healthier and much more natural. With surgery you might stretch the skin tight enough to eliminate some lines, but the look is often unnatural.

The changes you will observe as you begin the Empress’s Secret program will be based on your age when you start it. At first these changes will be small and incremental; within one month of starting this regime, with daily practice, you will notice considerable improvement in the overall tone of your face and the texture of your skin. Over time, the improvements will continue, as this program derives its greatest benefits from its ongoing practice. That is because it is a scientific program based on traditional Chinese medicine that calls on the body’s own natural resources to improve. Our bodies are preprogramed for natural healing and health—essentially, we are designed for self-healing and self-rejuvenation; we just have to know the proper techniques to activate this very rich resource. You now hold these in your own two hands.